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Our house rules


1. We expect respectful and polite dealings on the part of our staff, among and with our members, as well as towards our staff.

2. We ask all course participants to appear on the mat at least 5 minutes before the course begins. It is at the discretion of the trainer to exclude latecomers from the course.


3. Entering the mat area with shoes (except wrestling and boxing boots, which are only worn on the mat area) is strictly prohibited.


4. Entering the mat area with bags, drinks, bottles or food is strictly prohibited.

5. Shaving is prohibited in the entire gym.


6. Weights and (training) equipment of any kind must be returned to their original location after use.


7. The instructions of the employees/trainers   must be followed.


8. Weights and exercise equipment must be set down carefully.


9. (Medicine) balls must not be thrown against the wall.


10. All rubbish must be disposed of directly in our bins.

11. The music system and our windows are only operated/opened by our staff.


12 Our training areas may only be entered in appropriate sportswear.

13. Any theft or vandalism will be reported.


14. It is strictly forbidden to operate, put your feet down or climb on our radiators.

15. Sparring is only permitted under the supervision of a trainer.


16. There is an absolute smoking ban.


17. Religious and political acts of any kind are prohibited - we are purely a sports facility.

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